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Unfortunately, this house had several major leaks from their roof so we replaced the roof with architectural shingles, new flashing and sealed all the gutters on their home. Now, they are getting to enjoy many worry free years with their new roof!


This sidewalk was installed to allow for access from one parking lot to another. We laid out and excavated for the proposed sidewalk. Then we set all the forms and poured concrete. The ground around the new sidewalk was then all graded to allow for proper water run-off and make sufficient use of the extra dirt previously removed. All loose soil was then seeded and watered to allow for new grass.


On this job the main 2 entrance ways to this facility were in major need of replacement. So, the old materials were removed and new concrete footers and concrete stairs/pad were installed. We then fabricated all the steel handrails in house and had them powder-coated.


This customer was getting several major leaks from their roof so we replaced the roof with architectural shingles, new flashing and all new gutters on the house. They will not have to worry about any leaks for many years to come.


These 2 neighbors had very old worn out ribbon slate roofs and they were in need of major repairs. So, they got replaced instead. After the removal of all the old materials down to the rough wood sheathing new fire rated plywood was installed. Then synthetic felt paper was used as a moisture barrier and all new flashing was placed. To finish everything off Grand Manor Shingles were nailed over both properties and aluminum coil stock was used to clad all wood in order to give these roofs a new life but keeping the traditional look.


This is a commercial facility that we have done previous work to and several of the large skylights on the roof had issues with the plexiglass. So, we had new skylights shipped in and we installed the new aluminum frame skylights over the existing curbs. Roofing is a very important part of every structure and with the many years of experience we have in specialty roofing such as slate, rubber, copper, metal and shingles we are able to make sure that your property stays safe from water intruding!


These are pictures of a new rubber roof that was installed on an industrial building. We removed two layers of old roofing material and placed new ISO over the decking. Then tapered insulation was installed to divert the water to the drains. New .060 rubber was fully adhered to the ISO and all perimeters were terminated. We are working with this customer to do the entire roof in phases.

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